Film and image

This gallery discloses our visual journey in Macclesfield: photography and film.

Street photography genre enables to show how the image accompanies us on a daily basis. Rather than creating any coherent picture of the town, the purpose is to present how the images create stories on their own: we are curious what they show that the words could not capture. In that, we explore how the images interact with other senses and how they make us understand better what make people feel safe and unsafe in their everyday lives. Images have become our daily companion in the research in field.

Windows generate an invitation, as well as the barrier to the reality of the everyday. This often invisible yet very present companion to our daily life allows us a glimpse of the interior spaces, yet also distortions our view of the outside. Not only are they tools to see and feel, but also to influence the way in which one perceives its surroundings.

We are thankful to two generous photographers who kindly contributed their work to this project in its previous and current version:

Jon Sparks

Sop Rodchenvko

Macclesfield home windows
Macc window Climate
Macc three windows 15
Macc Heritage Centre
Macc window 10
Macc window santa.jpg
Macc no entry
Macc window 8
Macclesfield foggy window
Macc window 9
Macc stairs
Macc windows 7
Macc windows 6
Macc windows 5
Macc (no) windows 4
Macclesfield Terraced Houses Windows
Macc windows 3
Macc windows 2
Macc windows 1