What makes us feel safe and secure in Macclesfield? A day of dialogue

8 Jul 2023

Invitation to come to hear about our findings, ask questions and talk about what should happen next

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As we are neared the end of our research we organised an event - a day of dialogue - with local residents, security providers and practitioners. Together we explored what our findings mean for Macclesfield and how they can be put to use in the town to improve public safety. About 60 participants including residents, representatives from the Town Council, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Macclesfield Police and representatives from many local organisations stayed for the whole day of the event and more dropped in to see our display. Those present engaged in discussions in mini workshops on The Future of the Town Centre, Making our Neighbourhoods Better, Who cares for the town and Getting around: Transport

Photo narration of Macclesfield Then and Now - a short photo display

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