Presentation of findings to 2023 European Criminology Conference

23 Sep 2023

Presentation of project findings at International Conference (European Criminology Conference, Florence, 2023)

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The team organised two panels at the conference to present findings and to engage in conversation with other related work happening elsewhere with a view to opening up new ways thinking about the relation of in/security to the ‘environment’.

Professor Ian Loader chaired the discussion in the first conference panel which included contribution from ourselves on The (new) ecology of security: Tribulations of sustainable security in an English town.

Other contributors were:

Julie Berg, University of Glasgow; Clifford Shearing, University of Cape Town on Normalised crises, sense-making and everyday security governance

Kajsa Lundberg, University of Melbourne on Climate security and urban everyday solutions:

Nina Peršak, Institute for Criminal-Law Ethics and Criminology, Ljubljana; Anna Di Ronco, University of Essex on Reimagining security through redefining incivility, liveability and legitimate urban governance

Professor Richard Sparks chaired the second conference panel which included a contribution from ourselves on Seeing disorder’ in an English Town

Other contributors were:

Anna Souhami, University of Edinburgh on Environments of vulnerability: landscape, weather, light and darkness in remote island policing

Leo Kritikos, University of Edinburgh on Community led planning for safety: A poisoned chalice?

Alison Young, University of Melbourne; Hristijan Popovski, University of Melbourne; Kajsa Lundberg, University of Melbourne on Social Exclusion and Spatial Justice in the Volumetric City

Both Panels were very well attended and there was a lively discussion and interest in our two presentations.

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