Invitation: Diary Entries about life in Macclesfield

6 Oct 2020

Life in Macclesfield: What worries you, what do you hope for?

Macclesfield foggy window
Macclesfield street
Macclesfield in between textures a

Thank you for your interest in taking part!

Our project ‘Security in Place’ explores how safety relates to where people live their everyday lives and we would be delighted to receive your diary about:

Life in Macclesfield: What worries you, what do you hope for?

We are academic researchers from four UK universities, wondering what makes people feel safe and unsafe in Macclesfield.

In the world affected by the restrictions due to Covid-19, we are not able to conduct our face-to-face research as usual. We are adapting our way of working and, among others, we are inviting you to share your diary about your worries and hopes while living in Macc.

We wish to hear as many local voices as possible, in order to inform academic research and future policy about security away from big metropolis in Britain today and in particular, in Macclesfield.

How to take part

(if you are 18 or over):

  1. Read participant information sheet (see ‘start here’ below) and let us know if you have any questions;
  2. Provide us with your consent and email address (‘start here’); we will email you confirming receipt and offer you support in preparing and submitting your entry.
  3. Send us your contribution via WhatsApp.

Your diary entries: You can send one or more diary entries relating to your everyday life in Macclesfield; what does being safe or unsafe mean for you; what worries you, what do you hope for?

Diary entries can be in: writing, photo, video, drawing, audio, …

or any combination of these, they can be as short or as long as you like. You can send us just one diary entry or up to seven. If you are sending us more than one diary entry they do not need to be for consecutive days.

Please do not send any material which includes recognisable faces.

Any questions please contact Dr Gosia Polanska contact us: or WhatsApp (+44 7584779151)


We look forward to receiving your diary.

Learn more about the project 'Place, crime and insecurity in everyday life' here.

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